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 Table of Contents


Unit 1: Numbers & Number Systems 


Exploration 1:             The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

Exploration 2:             Greatest Common Divisor & Least Common Multiple

Exploration 3:             From Integers to Rational Numbers

Exploration 4:             The Discovery of Irrational Numbers

Exploration 5:             The Golden Ratio & ational Aproximations

Exploration 6:             Complex Numbers: Rectangular From
Exploration 7:             Complex Numbers: Operations


Unit 2: Sequences, Series, & Functions 


Exploration 8:             Using Formulas to Define Sequences

Exploration 9:             Using Recursion to Define Sequences

Exploration 10:           The Sum of an Arithmetic Series

Exploration 11:           The Sum of a Geometric Series

Exploration 12:           Sums of Infinite Series
Exploration 13:           Applications of Sequences: Future Value
Exploration 14:           Applications of Sequences: Present Value


Unit 3: Matrices


Exploration 15:           Matrices & Matri Transformations

Exploration 16:           Products of Matrices

Exploration 17:           Matrix Transformations

Exploration 18:           Successive Transformations
Exploration 19:           The Determinant of a Matrix
Exploration 20:           The Inverse of a Matrix


Unit 4: Linear Systems


Exploration 21:           Solving a Linear System Using a Table or Gaph

Exploration 22:           Solving a Linear System Using Algebra

Exploration 23:           Analyzing 2 x 2 Linear Systems

Exploration 24:           Solving Systems of Linear Ineqalities

Exploration 25:           Linear Programming
Exploration 26:           Solving 3 x 3 Linear Systems


Unit 5: Quadratic Functions & Equations 


Exploration 27:           Quadratic Growth: From Table to Graphs

Exploration 28:           Analyzing Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form

Exploration 29:           Analyzing Quadratic Functions in Standard Form

Exploration 30:           The Roots of a Quadratic Equation

Exploration 31:           Quadratic Inequalities

Exploration 32:          Using Quadratic Functions to Model Data
Unit 6: Polynomials & Polynomial Equations
Exploration 33:            From Monomials to Polynomials
Exploration 34:            Products & Powers of Polynomials
Exploration 35:            Factoring Polynomials
Exploration 36:            The Remainder Theorem & The Factor Theorem
Exploration 37:            The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
Exploration 38:            Transforming Polynomial Functions
Exploration 39:            Modeling Data with Polynomial Functions

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