Algebra I with TI-Nspire: Semester 2 – for CX & CX CAS version 3.2


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This full-color case-bound textbook is designed to help teachers implement the marvelous power of TI-nspire in the teaching of Algebra 1. Created for the Common Core State Standards.  

 Table of Contents


Unit 6: Quadratic Functions & Equations


Exploration 33:           Linear & Quadratic Growth

Exploration 34:           Creating a Table of Values for a Quadratic Function

Exploration 35:           The Graph of a Quadratic Function

Exploration 36:           The Equation of a Parabola with Vertex on the y-axis 

Exploration 37:           The Equation of a Parabola with Vertex at (h,k)

Exploration 38:           Analyzing the Graph of a Quadratic Function
Exploration 39:           A Formula for the Roots of a Quadratic Equation
Exploration 40:           Analyzing the Roots of Quadratic Equations


Unit 7: Polynomials


Exploration 41:           The ExponentRules for Integral Exponents
Exploration 42:           Scientific Notation

Exploration 43:           Products & Quotients of Monomials

Exploration 44:           From Monomials to Polynomials

Exploration 45:           Products & Common Factors of Polynomials

Exploration 46:           Products of Binomials
Exploration 47:           Special Products
Exploration 48:           Factoring a Difference of Squares
Exploration 49:           Factoring Trinomials of the Form x²+bx+c
Exploration 50:           Factoring Trinomials of the Form ax²+bx+c
Exploration 51:           Roots of Polynomial Equations


Unit 8: Data Analysis & Probability 


Exploration 52:           Data Graphs, Mean, Median, & Quartiles

Exploration 53:           Lines of Best Fit

Exploration 54:           The Fundamental Counting Principle

Exploration 55:           Theoretical Probability

Exploration 56:           Relative Frequency & Experimental Probability


Unit 9: Exponential & Radical Functions


Exploration 57:           Geometric Sequences & Geometric Growth

Exploration 58:           Exponential Growth

Exploration 59:           Exponential Decay

Exploration 60:           Radical Functions

Exploration 61:           Operations with Radicals

Exploration 62:           Solving Radical Equations

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