Casio FX-55 Plus Calculator Teacher Kit


Educational Electronics Part #: FX-55PLUS-TK Brand:



  • 10 – FX-55 Plus calculators with slide covers
  • 1 – Storage Bag


  • Natural Fraction Display
    • Allows for the appropriate input and output of fractions
    • Offers manual and automatic simplification capability
  • Division with Remainder
    • Clearly labeled quotient and remainder functionality to support problem-solving strategies
  • Random Number Generator
    • Simulates traditional probability scenarios like dice-throws, coin-flips, and colored spinners.
  • Fraction to Decimal Key
    • Enhances pattern recognition to aid in percent conversion and identifying equivalency.
  • Color-Coordinated Keys
    • Similar functions and operations are identified by like colors and grouped accordingly.

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Weight3 lbs


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