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Teacher’s Teach Timer/Meeting Minder – Overhead Projector Timer – While supplies last

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Educational Electronics Part #: SP-229 Brand:


This overhead teacher timer functions as a timer, clock, or a chronograph to bring time awareness to virtually any classroom activity. The teachtimer can be placed on the stage of any standard overhead projector. Display a large, clear image that can be viewed in any size classroom. Pre-alarm warning and “Time’s Up!” alarm give students a clear signal for completion of any timed assignment or activity. Move the rear door up over the back of the LCD and open the desk stand to transform it into a desk or table top timer that can be used by individuals or small groups fro meetings, conferences, or debates. Wear it around your neck for various atheltic and playground activities. With the D-ring and lanyard attached to its base, it is still small enough to fit easily into a shirt pocket. A must have for the classroom!

Uses CR-2032 button cell battery.

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Weight 2 lbs